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Installation Easy, Volume Wider: Serin HCAP

StandardOptima series obtained by the development of infrastructure Serin Curtain SiderTrailer HCAP provides the convenience of installation and can be opened with aspacious interior rear saddle function.

S7000MCproduced for the series of high-strength steel I-beams produced from the dustproduced by welding technology chassis length of 13,650 mm and a width of 2550mm. This sachet on the side panels consist of 5 units cover located on eachside 65cm in height, 2480 mm width inside gives area. In order to be opened andclosed easily cover the interior of the father, pin lock system is used.

Themost important change is the new chassis design obtained with 1100 mm wheel andthe 4060 mm clearence (guage) height, internal net 2850 mm in height, thismodel provided the expanded volume obtained the arrest, which offers advantagesin transportation of bulky loads.

SerinCurtain Sider the sources product qualification certificate in the Group(3834), Freight safety certificate (code XL), S400-P400-type vehicle in railwaytransportation certificate has UIC 596-5.

Underthe side cover, side skirts profile by increasing the base opened safetymeasures against the shifting of loads spanset ports with freight security wasraised to the highest level.

SerinHCAP preferred equipment curb weight 6700 kg starting weight and can varyaccording to the optional equipment.

Thenew development made by the series of R & D; Hidden lock system possiblethe container lid of the rear saddle screw system is easily connected to thegate system that can be opened either side by 40 cm. So easy placement of theload is provided in the rear entrance of the large load. Serin Curtain sider tothe model can be applied to this group as an optional feature expansion.

CoolR & D engineers developed the series HCAP model has successfully completedthe installation and handling tests. Closely followed by a Serin customerexpectations by developing products based on recycling from the market itstrengthens leading and competitive structure.