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Serin, crown the bar in anti-rust

Serinas the leading brand of trailers, crown the trim in anti-rusy through thesystem in galvanized curtain sider trailers. Galvanized products in theapplication of space technology can rustproof least 10 years, including up to30 years.

Serinas the leading brand of trailers, curtain siders nearly 20 products in thebuffer with the new chassis and extend the life of hot dip galvanized materialbegan production techniques.

Galvanizedcoating made of metal corrosion, shock and protection against externalinfluences and other materials is done in order to ensure compatibility with.All this protection is being provided, as well as to give a better picture.Galvanized aimed at extending the useful life of its parts. Galvanizedtechniques in sandblasting, priming, painting materials such as tire whilemaintaining no need for other chemical processes.

Hotdipped galvanized, using automotive products as well as utility poles, such asthe coating material in the trash can where heavy environmental corrosionproducts. According to the intensity of environmental impacts of not less thanat least 10 years of resistance it can be provided for up to 30 years.

Commentingon the issue Serin Trailer General Manager Recep Serin, "How can we do ourcustomers a product longer lasting and more durable question, we took to thehot dip galvanizing techniques. Hot dip galvanizing technology, penetrates intothe steel, rather than a coating on the frame. In this way, achieve greaterprotection and anti-corrosion compared with other technologies. Galvanisedproducts that can be applied at least 10 years of anti-corrosion technologyspace.” he said.