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Mega Projects in Serin and Öztrans Cooperation

"Safetyis in good hands" with the slogan continues to work and long-termcooperation between with Iskenderun based Öztrans Transport Tipper TrailerLeader of the Serin trailer with Istanbul 3rd airpot excavation Works.

Lastmonth, Öztrans Transport included 120 units of 28m3 Serin Tiger half pipe tipper in theexisting fleet. Shareholder of Öztrans Transport Mr. Yusuf Dönmez, the lastbatch of vehicles delivery ceremony, 120 units of Serin Tiger half pipe Trailer delivered bySerin Member of Board Mr. Recep Serin. Mr. Dönmez; "Failed to mention thesatisfaction with the Serin vehicles and the brand" in the coming yearswill continue to grow this cooperation, "he said.

Istanbulis one of Turkey's mega investment 3. Airport; Our history of the Republicreceived the highest tender price 22.152 Billion Euros of 25-year operatingrights to the consortium a total area of ​​10.247 billion euros in capitalexpenditure. 3 projects will be completed in stages, with an annual capacity of150 million passengers and 77 million square km area will be the world's 5thAirport. Ponds in the area with filling and reconditioning of old quarries andmining areas of the project is continuing at full speed.

3.Airport building in Istanbul, a 24-hour contact closure from the study statedthat they will not back Yusuf continued, "Serin Tiger and the durabilityof the tipper half pipe running smoothly despite the heavy use conditions areextremely satisfied. Because we want to take on the quality of products andafter sales support we have received over the years insisted that we prefer to Serin.We work in harsh conditions, especially in the construction of the airport 3.accelerate our business gives us the courage not to fulfill our commitment tonot lose time, "he said.

SerinTrailer Member of Board Recep Serin; "With requests and directions on theproduct that we are extremely happy to be working with one of our customers whodevelop Öztrans. Öztran’s 120 units financed by the Serin Tiger delivery, wehave reached the number of 450 units located in the company's vehicle park.Hassle-free due to the ongoing transformation of friendship in time of ourcooperation we thank them, "he said.

SerinR & D engineers developed a Seri Tiger's new model immediately stand out,additional shovel section at the bottom of the box does not exist. And a moreuniform discharge paddle box during casting channel is designed integrallyobtained, enhanced form of the upper belt and the rear door frame withcontinued strengthening of this, particularly loading resulting from the sharpdecline in endurance and resistance to high pressure material bucket instantlyimproved. Rear door lock system has been stepped up with a box of 3 degreespalate set screw locking system and start unloading even in the lowinclination. The Tigers made delivery of 3 x 12 tons of cargo has the power toÖztrans, drum type Serin Brand axles were used. Made of chrome on the rear lampcluster protection were installed. However, an extra 2 attached at runtime withwhite illumination, the rear tippers were also provided clarification.