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DNT International Transport Center islocated in Denizli, the first 15 of the 30 units Huckepack order was deliveredin a ceremony held in the Serin Trailer Konya property.

Serindelivery ceremony held at the headquarters factory, DNT International TransportBoard Member Abdurrahman Manisalı while participating on behalf Serin TrailerSales Manager Mustafa Heybetli attended.

Dueto rising costs of road transport, with the transport by rail of demand towardthe end of the period, the trailer is also experienced in product developmentin this direction. Accordingly, the R & D to eliminate the need forcustomers to accelerate their work toward completing the necessary research anddevelopment work and the production trailer series, developed by Huckepack tookfull note of the model with the customer.

The main features of the modelHuckepack

Locatedin the Huckepack should develop models; a design suitable for transportationwith train, movable roof and customs clearance of flammable drapes, 2950 mmInternal ceiling height and 13,600 mm internal length and optionally can beupgraded roof systems (Serin, Megan attic or Lifemast) is a mediator betweenthe main important features. In addition, this new product according tocustomer preferences and Huckepack, Average Huckepack, Mega 950 mm height 1050mm with plates have been launched in two models.

Dnt strengthens the InternationalTransport fleet

DNT,center is located in Denizli, makes transportation to all countries of Europewho serves on the transport mainly textile products. the company have a fleetof trailers close to 40 units, along with the number of deliveries increased by55. Recently transport sector has returned to the train tracks and this issuefirst stepped among the firms said that the Abdurrahman Manisa, quality andservice for their trust Serin Trailer for success, said they continue the jointcooperation of their investment.